The Psychotic Writers Blog!

Crazy writerFirst things first,

What the f*ck do you know about any type of curse?

You’re only sane,

Only one brain,

Only one life,

Oh, you’re having a bad day?

Give me a f*cking break.

I am two of you,


I’m trying to get through to you,

My words,

My Life,

My history.

The question of the sane-day comes from one of my followers, Candida Harrow from Vancouver – Canada. “Alex, what was it like being insane?” Well, the question is reasonable and one as soon as I read I really had no idea how to answer, so I sat around all day and thought about it.

They only way I can tell you what it was like for me is in a surreal fashion, so please bear with me.

Imagine yourself in a car, you are tied and gagged in the passenger seat. In the driver’s seat sits your alter-ego or condition. Now you can look out the window but everything is such a blur is turns your stomach. But as you look out the windscreen there are certain obstacles you must break free from your bounds and take charge of the steering wheel to manoeuvre out-of-the-way of the obstacles or people you love, but sometimes you crash, those are the rules.

For me that is what it was like. But today I am having a bad blogging day. I know I will never be put onto freshly pressed on here because of my language I use. I’m supposed to be reader friendly but as a f*cking writer I know I cannot, so bring on the controversy. But overall I envy you, I envy you because you can sleep, I envy you because you are never been pointed at or whispered “That’s Alex the psycho, no, no, don’t say anything to him.”

Now they say I must be sane. Great, when I was insane I looked at sanity as an illness, so does that mean I am mental ill all over again?

I am not going to tell you why I am in a bad mood about a writers blog who talks about being depressed is getting more traffic and pushes towards his blog than some other blogs I follow on here. But jealousy doesn’t become me for very long. I’ll get over it; I know I can do what they cannot.

That is all writing or entertaining is. Doing something better that someone else can. So give your fingers blisters, don’t sleep, drink plenty of coffee and keep going. Now you may be reading my blog for the first time and I say thank you. But what I have found out from some bloggers now is they perhaps post ten posts, not get the views or traffic, quit and look for another quick get rich quick plan. Isn’t that the reason some of us are here.

Well don’t get me wrong, I love the words, I do. But when I was interviews or read articles from writers or celebrities saying “Even if I wasn’t getting paid for this, I would still do it as a job!” Really? I do doubt it, buddy. You are doing it for the same reason I am writing, for a career and more money than less than I have to worry about. Some writers and celebrities are just so artificial and think some of us believe their bullsh*t. Sorry, I am just ranting within this writing blog. As soon as I start with the words I can’t stop until my sane-brain jumps in and says “Okay, time to stop.” Do you have that?

But I am going to stop it there, because my fifteen reader which read my work religiously will be getting tired of reading my work. Hey, If I do get sixteen I’m having a f*cking party! Haha! But seriously, thank you for reading.


This has been weird and also been a psychotic announcement from The Writer Alexander Kennedy.

Keep those pens busy…..



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